simple life

I think about the things I have and all things I desire, are they all really benefiting me in any significant way?

Greed has caused so many of us to forget what it is we worked so hard for. the material things are only temporary. How long will you actually keep that ipod, before a new version or update is on your wish list. are we investing in the things that are actually going to have a lasting meaning. Im not just speaking from my religious frame of mind. 

I stand here and I see how people change. the only things we feel comfortable talking about anymore is the movies we watch and the songs we listen to, would we have a friendship if this glue was no longer existing.

If we always seek the extravagant then we will never be satisfied. I want to move away from this insensitive, selfish world.

Perhaps i am just an artist. Perhaps I am just a sentimentalist. Perhaps I am just a person looking for more.

A foreigner in a familiar place

There is something so familiar, yet foreign about this place; about this room.

The entirety of the past nineteen and half years have been enveloped in this one town, in this one house. A new life has been formed in a different place, but the previous seems to barely exist, like a fleeting memory. There are precious moments in each corner, laying there frequently untouched. A creaky wooden floor, a warm lingering smell, A dark and quiet night; memories that will be left and forgotten when this house is gone. These things were once so significant in my mind. sometimes now I feel like a stranger, or an actor in a play.

This makes me sad. It’s like a flower drained of its color. It has slowly lost it’s appeal. Perhaps that is what life is, growing up and moving on, leaving things behind.

Someday soon, this house may no longer be ours. whether its sold, or forcibly taken from us, who know…I have just come to think about a lot of things that have happened here that have influenced me in one way or another and that things as they were are NEVER coming back. The way we change and move on is amazing, as I watch it happen to me and around me.

My opinions and personality have altered themselves in this new stage of experience in a matter of months. Where and how different will things be in another year, five, or even ten? 

The future can be a frightening thought, if you aren’t prepared, but how can one be ready for something that has no manual or road map. That must be why they say, “live and learn.”